3 Simple Tips for Designing Cost Effective Mall Pylon Signage

January 2, 2020

This past year Ens Properties Ltd. reached out to Electra Sign to help them with updating the look, design, and visibility of their existing pylon signage at the 166 Meadowood Mall located here in Winnipeg. The mall and the pylon sign are situated very close to St. Vital Centre and see's a high amount of pedestrian and vehicular traffic so it was important the existing businesses in the mall be visible to those passersby.

After assessing the needs of the mall the design team at Electra Sign proposed the new sign take on a clean monochromatic approach that would look much more modern than the original pylon sign. It was also important that the new design was timeless so it would not need updating for many years. As part of the new design, the individual tenant panel signs remained monochromatic but their individual logo colors were retained to help them with a pop and glow at night in conjunction with the new LED lighting system. A new clean top header sign incorporating the 166 Meadowood Mall's name was also added and as a cost-saving feature, it was decided that the existing base and underlying structure could be used as well.

Overall the project looked and turned out great and we were able to help revitalize the look of the mall in a cost-effective manner that stayed on budget.

Some of the tips we used were:

1. Re-use the Existing Structure: The bulk cost of any pylon sign comes from the underlying structure that supports it. More often than not you can save money and engineering costs using the existing structure.

2. Consider a Monocramatic Look: Mall pylon signs with many tenants can sometimes be very busy and unreadable given the multitude of logos and colors needed to be displayed. If you ground the design with a monochromatic look it won't be as flashy but it will be more readable and effective.

3. Keep the Design Timeless: Try not to follow trendy designs and the signage will not have to be refreshed nearly as often saving the mall thousands of dollars over many years. You won't sell as many signs but you'll have happy clients.

Electra Sign Ltd. will work with you to create signage that looks beautiful, matches your brand, and catches the attention of customers. We have been creating high quality, effective signage for over 40 years. With award-winning, certified, and full-service solutions, we are your expert signage partners.

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SIGNAGE STRENGTH: Ignite Cycle Customer Profile

December 27, 2019

Getting healthy is taking a turn for the better in Winnipeg. Personalized fitness in a 5000 sq. ft. studio is what Ignite CYCLE & STRENGTH is all about. Their one of a kind facility offers an expert-led, active, and fun fitness program in an innovative environment that features the latest in strength and conditioning equipment, as well as state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems and interactive video screens.  
Ignite recognizes the value of making a great visual impression both indoors and outdoors, and so, Electra Sign was pleased to be able to work with them to bring their brand to Kenaston Boulevard. In such a high-traffic area, standing out matters more than ever. The LED illuminated letters we crafted for their location make a bold impact with an engaging evening glow, welcoming their clientele to this new location for years to come. 
Take the time to visit Ignite CYCLE & STRENGTH and bring your body to a new level of healthy. 

300-1599 Kenaston Blvd. 
Winnipeg, MB 
Phone: 204.930.4914 
Email: info@ignitefitnesswpg.ca  
Website: www.ignitefitnesswpg.ca 
Facebook: @ignitecycleandstrength  
Instagram: @ignitecyclestrength 

Electra Sign Ltd.  
We will work with you to create signage that looks beautiful, matches your brand, and catches the attention of customers. Electra Sign has been creating high quality, effective signage for over 40 years. With award-winning, certified, and full-service solutions, we are your expert signage partners. 
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From all the staff thank you for a wonderful year!

December 17, 2019

It was a memorable and eventful year here at Electra Sign. We celebrated our milestone 40th anniversary as the leading sign company in the Winnipeg region. We saw our founder Ken Devine step down as President and myself step into the new role as owner and director of sales. It was challenging and rewarding, moreover, all of the exciting changes would not have been possible without the tremendous experience and knowledge we are blessed to have here on the Electra Sign team.

We worked on many exciting projects creating high quality, effective signage for our clients. From initial ideas to design and production, the team here worked tirelessly to meet and hopefully exceed our client's signage expectations.

Myself and the entire team of people here at Electra Sign want to wish you and your family peace, joy, and prosperity throughout the coming year. We truly thank you for your continued support and partnership and we look forward to working with you in the years to come!

Jesse Brolly