First Time Sign Buyers Guide: BRAND IDENTITY TIPS

January 21, 2020

If you're almost ready to open and cut the ribbon on your very first business (congratulations, by the way), you've probably got just about everything you need on deck for your opening. But what about your sign? Business signage is so commonplace in our urban environments that it's not typically thought of in day-to-day life by most. But no matter the business sector, you're going to need a way for your business to physically stand out and bring clients and partners alike in your direction. The unfortunate truth is that forgetting to arrange your restaurant signage in time for opening is a common mistake shared among many first-time business operators. When proper research isn't done well in advance, many budding entrepreneurs are left frustrated by the realities and time constraints shared by all sign companies. But luckily for you, you're right here reading this! In this series, we're going to put you ahead of the curve and give you some points to consider that will help speed your custom signs along to its new home. 

You've been focused on the technical, behind-the-scenes aspects of your business that the visual aspects aren't really something you've maybe considered. If so, you aren't alone. Many first-time business owners don't have an "IDENTITY" in mind for their business right away, let alone a logo. But considering just a few basic questions will help bring that character closer to the limelight, and that identity will inform the style of custom signage your business will need. Your new sign will be the face of your business and you want to make sure it tells people what you're all about before they even know what you're selling! 

What is our mission statement as a company? Nobody starts a business for no reason, so what's our reason?  

What atmosphere (casual, modern, sophisticated, etc.) do we want to portray? Is it consistent with our mission? 

What kind of clientele do we want to attract? Is that consistent with our atmosphere? 

Questions for custom business signage in particular... 

Are there existing visual design elements in other facets of my business that could inform the direction of my sign? 

Is there any other signage around town that's caught my eye before, and would its style suit my business? 

Just a little self-reflection will give you a great starting point to jump off from. Don't worry if you're still having trouble envisioning the result though, your sign company will do what they can to help steer you in the right direction every step of the way.


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