Team Profile: Brayden Sywy, Account Executive

January 15, 2024

About Brayden:
Brayden Sywy hails from the picturesque town of East St Paul, Manitoba. With a passion for delivering excellence, Brayden has dedicated 12 years to the sales industry, honing his skills across diverse sectors, including Marine/Powersports, Commercial insurance, and Heavy equipment.

Role at Electra Sign Ltd.:
Currently serving as an Account Executive at Electra Sign Ltd., Brayden specializes in supplying custom commercial signage to businesses. His wealth of experience and commitment to client satisfaction make him a valuable asset to the Electra Sign team.

Beyond the world of signs, Brayden finds joy in spending quality time with his wife and kids at their family cabin during the summer. An avid golfer, he also enjoys taking on DIY projects and renovations around the house. His enthusiasm extends to motorsport and marine builds, where he engages in exciting and creative projects.

Entertainment Preferences:
When it comes to entertainment, Brayden's cinematic tastes lean towards action and humor, with "Gone in 60 Seconds" ranking high on his list. For TV shows, the irreverent humor of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" never fails to entertain.

Musical Tastes:
In the realm of music, Brayden is drawn to the sounds of Alternative Rock, reflecting his eclectic and vibrant personality.

Educational Background:
Brayden's love for history shines through as he reveals it was his favorite subject during his school days, showcasing his intellectual curiosity.

Brayden Sywy is best described as a fun-loving, adventurous, and outgoing individual with a strong work ethic. His priorities lie with both his professional commitments and his family, striking a balance between his dynamic career and his cherished personal life.

For all your signage needs, Brayden Sywy is your dedicated go-to professional at Electra Sign Ltd.