Introducing our veteran Sign Painter, Larry Becker

July 15, 2020

Larry Becker is our veteran sign painter here at Electra Sign. He has been working in the sign industry since he was a teenager and is arguably the best sign painter in our region. His skill, experience, and attention to detail bring top quality results to all of our products. 

Aside from the skills he brings to the table here at Electra Sign, Larry is one of the nicest guys you would ever meet. He always takes a genuine interest in any conversation you have with him and his positive outlook on life can be infectious. He loves travelling with his wife, Loretta. In the summer months, he spends much of his time driving around Winnipeg in his midnight blue convertible, trying out the local restaurants.

We are very lucky to have Larry on staff here not only for his skills, but also for his positive personality, and the energy he brings into the workplace.

Mike Lamoureux | 1952-2020

May 7, 2020


It is with great heartache that we say good-bye to a work colleague, a friend, and a brother. Mike was more than just an employee at Electra Sign he was a part of the family here. Mike had been with us for over 20 years, but those years seemed to have passed all too quickly as of late. This past year has been a struggle for Mike and his family as he fought a hard fight against cancer in an effort to live a much longer life then he was sadly dealt. Mike's full intention was to win this battle and eventually return to work and more importantly be there for his wife and son in his upcoming retirement years. 

We all will remember Mike very fondly. He was not only the consummate employee who always showed up for work on time each day without fail, but he also was a true craftsman. His attention to detail was second to none no matter the size or intricacy of the project he was working on. Mike could truly build anything that was thrown at him and you could trust it would turn out flawless every time. Over Mikes 20 plus years working at Electra Sign he created too many signs to count. It would be impossible to drive anywhere across Canada and not see a piece of Mikes's hard work and craftsmanship. 

Aside from his work, we will miss the daily exchanges and conversations with Mike the most. He was an avid sports fan and enjoyed talking vigorously about the latest current events during our breaks while sipping one of his many Tim Hortons coffees he enjoyed so much during the workday. Anytime we see someone drinking a Tims coffee, we all undoubtedly think of Mike and the many conversations and memories we shared over the years. 

Mike, we will miss you very much. Our support and hearts go out to your wife and family. 

Important message from Electra Sign Ltd.

March 16, 2020

To our Valued Clients:

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve day-to-day in Canada, the primary focus of Electra Sign remains on protecting the health and safety of our co-workers, and customers we serve.

Our manufacturing facility is large enough that our workers have an ample buffer zone between each individual and proper hygiene to help reduce the risk of infection or spreading infection to others has been put into place. Outdoor crews have been equipped with hand sanitizer in the event hand washing is not available. Rest assured our clients projects are still being produced and serviced in a safe manner.

Our administrative and sales team have been instructed against any non-essential in-person meeting especially at our Electra Sign offices. A phone call or email can be just as effective. The rule of thumb is to stay 6' (2 metres) away from others as much as possible.

We'll continue to closely monitor this evolving situation and are basing our actions and decisions on recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada and relevant local authorities. While sanitization has always been a part of our operational procedures, we are taking additional preventative measures to keep our co-workers and clients safe.

Jesse Brolly
President/Director of Sales
Electra Sign Ltd.